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Silly Season
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Silly Season

It is the silly season.
How can you tell?
It is when rhyme or reason
are not too well.
It's when they dump new pets
at city shelters,
and snugly drink cold drinks
while all life swelters.
Then, when the angels cry
they call it rain
but any lullaby
it came in vain.

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Comments (3)

Well. As the owner of 16 animals, I salute you and thank you. You will always be my favorite. :) ... And please don't change it. It's perfect.
Not a bad idea, Robert but you should have told me privately. It's like making love - once it's done it's done.......no going back and changing a hair..... The local animal shelter had to employ extra staff to put down record numbers.... How disgusting. Thanks for the kind words. H
Remembering that here in Australia, the silly season is also the summer season H