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Silver Lining

(This is a fictional poem)

You lost your family and you have your gun amed at your head.
You don't want to go on living, you'd much rather be dead.
You are in a lot of pain as tears roll down your cheeks.
You think you can't face a future that seems so bleak.
But I'm telling you as a friend.
This doesn't have to be the end.
When your family died, it broke your heart and your spirit.
I tried to say words that could comfort you but you didn't want to hear it.
You think you are all alone but that's not true.
You still have me and I'll always be there for you.
If you pull that trigger, you will end it all.
In my eyes that would make you very small.wall.
What you need to understaand is that there's a silver ining in every cloud.
You just handed the gun to me and you have made me very proud.

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