Silver Moon (Sestina)

Bunnies many colors, hopping - all bounce!
Kangaroos prance, tigers and cheetahs dash.
Of all, these are the things I truly love;
Raindrops, on sunny days, a joyous cry.
Monkeys, Zebras – the flying squirrels drop,
They fit perfectly in the silver moon.

When skies are pure, we can perceive the moon,
A ball that only the heavens can bounce.
The stars they swing, and then suddenly drop.
By shots, they fall; in fact it’s but a dash,
A race to bring comfort to those who cry.
Because of them so many know of love.

The person chases it; the beasts are love.
So too are stars, the sun, and crescent moon.
Tell me, have you studied the tigers cry?
Timid, his head dangles, he does not bounce,
He’s shot; his own less than the bullet’s dash;
So his days empties like tears - dropp by drop.

Tomorrow, sit in rain and watch it drop,
Alone at first, then holding the hand of love,
Include kisses - a bit, by bit –a dash,
Pray rain falls that you might observe the moon.
Before dark comes: even as lover’s bounce,
Look up! Heavens’ eye whitens in their cry!

Have you pondered on why we really cry?
Where do these tears fall from; what’s in the drop,
That it causes our hearts to speed their bounce?
Is it because of the returns of love,
That man will journey to mars and the moon,
Is there further reason; more to his dash?

Everything is shelled, and breaks when we dash
Them harshly. The bees, trees, and earth cry.
Lunar eclipses are just a weeping moon,
Dews on the morning floors are but teardrops,
That brings remembrance of ancient ways of love;
Tender fondness, which makes you skip and bounce.

Let us quickly dash, to catch those that drop.
End the timeless cry, for the sake of love,
For those that see the moon, before they bounce.

Copyright © 2010 Leslie Alexis

by Leslie Alexis

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