Silver Moon

Poem By A.J. McKinley

Shimmering orb of mystic light
Flowing energy into me
My earthly spirit to take flight
Earth, wind, flame and sea.

Lady Luna join my dance
Power fueled by rhythmic chant
Circle formed with passions lance
Incantations forth from my rant

Pregnant mother full of sight
Wisdom circles within my hand
Your magic I call this night
Time's hourglass has no sand

Mirrored visions reflecting truth
Dreaming thoughts of controlled rain
Hidden flames bursting from youth
Music fills the night over again

Nature's breath caresses my skin
The wind blows through me
Spirit called from within
Blinded vision now does see

Moon full of sliver flame
Flowing words of rain
Earthly woods of willow's pane
The seas can never be tamed

Carry our voice in our spell
Let the elements be free
Golden truth we must tell
Mystic power flows in me

Copyright 2006 A.J. McKinley

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