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Silver Sleep

A night I will commit
A most ungodly thing
I will commit suicide
With the poison I keep

A night I will commit
My last dropp of blood
I will commit suicide
Because you did too

I will commit my suicide
Tonight at sunrise, on the
Roof of Hell, I will commit suicide
With a poison of Silver Sleep

As I take the syringe
And fill it with
The one dropp of the poison
I begin to taste it before it touches skin

The syringe is filled
I place the needle in my skin
And I press the back of the syringe down
The silver liquid passes through my system

I feel no pain
I am now dieing
Lights show around me
As blood passes my lips

The one I love is next to me
But I can no longer hear his voice
My eyes close and I see only darkness
My commitment to suicide has been fore filled.

I dropp the syringe as I fall
To the city street below me
The poison from the Silver Sleep
Is now upon me forever.

by Jade DragonHeart

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Comments (2)

this poem describes how i feel as i cry myself to sleep at night
i REALLY lik this poem, but me bein stupid, after i read it i was lik the boyfriend must've been lik ' wow. '