(04 October 1943 / Germany)


A silverfish is not a fish
also not part of any quiche.
It lives in houses below par
that's where the roaches also are.

So grab the mop and fullstrength bleach
go after all the bugs in reach.
And keep your home in shape A-one
and do not rest until it's done.

And if you see a fish that twinkles
and doesn't have too many wrinkles
out of the water, on dry ground
just step on him, without a sound.

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Comments (4)

We get them in our bath sometimes Herbert, and they are rather sweet creatures. I couldn't kill them! ! No way! ! They do no harm. Sincerely Ernestine
Be kind to all living creatures, avoid the non-breathing ones.
I keep a gallon of bleach in my house :)
every life experience has become a poetry to herbert. that's great.