In The Middle Of My Sorrow

i sit here from the place where i love to go
as the air goes through me
i know i am alone
i'm not with anybody else
but deep down i have my soul

lookin at the sky
why is it so dark and shy?
why do we need to hide
if it was them that was so blind

i've been quite for a while
searching for the true file
you've been lost since then
i can't even remember when

baiting my heart in a deep sea of love
does it have to be lost and found?
i don't want to wait anymore
i'm so tired of this asking for more

i don't wanna cry, but there are tears that wants to try
i saw my soul standing there on the highest floor
knowing the truths of life
had taught me how to deal with it worthwhile

as the wind blows my hair
sad memories are coming back to me everywhere
hearin' the noise of the city, seeing those people that was so busy
i know that each of them, also had a problem

i'm going back to my room now
from there i know
i could feel the presence of my soft pillows
that i had with me in the middle of my sorrow...

by Cez Quijada

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Considering the experience of black Americans, the resistance Cullen puts in the mouth of of Simon in the first stanza is understandable. I wonder if Cullen had considered that Jesus himself was a person of color, not the blue-eyed blonde-haired image too common in prints. He probably looked more like an Arab, and the feeling of some in America towards Arabs is akin to the prejudice against black people. -GK
Beautifully worded, thoughtful saiid. Congratulations of TMPOTD. Good choice of Pôem Hunter Team. Thank you for sharing this piece of story based upon the Holy Bible. I have enjoyed a very lot and have read and reread again. Sure I still will in later days.
excellent thoughtful stanza - But He was dying for a dream, And He was very meek, And in His eyes there shone a gleam Men journey far to seek. great
A Countee Cullen great poem👍👍👍
a strength and submissive line- It was Himself my pity bought; I did for Christ alone nice
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