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Simple Dream
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Simple Dream

Eve has another desire
But shaping Adam’s body
Into a sweet apple

Eve-even if expelled from Roses’ Kingdom-
Has another desire but
Weaving the gown of the incoming Adam

Eve has another desire
But showing to the moolight
Her endless beauty and splendor

And Eve-when becoming mermaid-
Has another desire but
Leading the lost voice of Ulysses
To her bewitched anchorage

Eve-when looking to the mirror-
-When throwing her braids to the wind-
-When filling her heart with silk and pearls-
-When holding the spring’s colours in her hands-
-When walking..-
-When talking...-
Has another desire but
Pretending to be “Great”

She has such a simple dream:
Taking her little child to the kindergarten
And living with a loyal man!

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I think you are wonderful