Simple Expressions

Poem By rita francis

There are moments and places been
where simple expressions cannot erase
those tender lapses in life's tale
where one can rarely regale.

Of scented plume and strewn petals tossed
satin sheets and kerchiefs embossed
with heady fragrance of extravagance
created from desire's glance.

Across the crowded café or busy street
bourne in happenstance where people greet
not with words that cajole
but kindred's gentle tough on the soul

Developed instantly through capitulating bright spirit
perhaps even at first sight
those stringe of accord struck with time
when moments are crafted by the kind.

Simpe expressions of unspoken dalliance
bred through mutual reliance
upon fantasies careening flight
into every inch of flesh in sight.

With stormy, passionate torches
of feathery moves that scorches
by drops of daring kind
that challenge the particulating mind.

Simple expressions of tumultuousness
conveyed with each caress
not for recompense but to ask
what will be the next task?

Will it be to wrap in silken thread
or move from floor to bed?
will it be to use nylon rope
or vilify with thrusting stroke?

Simple expressions sculptured and fine
molded with melodies and rhyme
of one, two, three, or more
come together in harmonics score.

Not for aggrandizing rapid action
but beautiful expressions of satisfaction
imagined by kindred's gaze
given chances to craft and amaze.

Simple expressions amidst life's toll
where there is no lofty goal
no monotony, egotistical whim...
just simple expressions from within.

May your simple expressions be met
with open arms that don't forget
kind eyes that listen and hear
the soul's neanderings of places held dear.

May you find someone who will always understand
the warmth of an embrace and healing hand
in all life's travails near and far
regardless of where you are.

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