Simple Haiku - Myopic Math Skills (Three Words)


by Chuck Audette Click to read full poem

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Even math terms are difficult! Lol.
Ah-so! 'nough said. Read mine - An Acutely Obtuse Pythagorean Lyric - Adeline
Good one, Chuck! Thanks for the explanations below. You know how to work the numbers, pal, for a bit o' fun! Est : ]
it's a shame more maths skills aren't put into haiku format - may have got above grade C if they were! Justine.(Is there a word for fear of numbers? ?)
Thanks Mark! Illusionary triskaidekaphobia is when you fear you saw 13 of something but then aren't sure. Naturally, that fear would be un-ac countable, right?
I'd give this a mark of thirteen if I could... worth ten just for getting the word 'triskaidekaphobia's'...what is an illusionary fear? a government with a good environmental policy?