Simple Mistake- Not Grammacially Correct

Poem By Amber Green

Physical pain is actually felt
As I try my hardest not to cry
I swallow the emotions I am dealt
When you forgot to say goodbye
Pain is felt through out my heart
As I wonder why you left me
A simple mistake is tearing me apart
Because I realize now we'll never be
You told me to call back and i will
But I am not going to cry
I will not let myself spill
But inside I am wondering why.

Comments about Simple Mistake- Not Grammacially Correct

who cares about the spelling if you get the emotion behind it, very good poem.
Grammar Shmammar, this poem is perfect without it! Oh gosh I know what you mean! ~Amber~
i will not let myself spill You hit it... great line. That word 'spill' describes so very well how i feel sometimes... I'm working on a poem called 'Spilling' at the moment. At least I THINK that's what it'll be called. wonderful write, darling. Keep it up.

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