Simple Poems

Sometimes I like to write a poem
That doesn't take much thought
Just put the pen to paper
Close my eyes and start to jot;
I give my pen the freedom
To travel where it may
Such wonderful surprises come
From minds let out to play;
No structure, rhyme or rhythm,
To complicate the flow
Just pure and simple language
From a source that I don't know;
It's difficult to write a poem
That's technically correct
When all I want to do is play
With thoughts that don't connect;
Sometimes you gotta let it say
Whatever comes to mind
Some poems just like to write themselves -
Those are the funnest kind!

by Linda Ori

Comments (15)

that i so true...........i feel the same way....lovely
Linda, Oh! , I know that it is true ... but, if that poem wrote it's self - why are you taking credit for it ? Can you plagiarize yourself? B.V.A.
Cute! It would have taken me hours to have written that. -chuck
What a great idea, and such a source of inspiration, this is lovely and so FREE>>>>>> love duncan X
My thoughts exactly Linda. I don' like to be bound by convertion. Whether or not the reader has a problem with that is their problem.
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