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Simple Stuff
(August 8,1951 / Hillsboro, Oregon USA)

Simple Stuff

Poem By Harlan Simantel

i like the simple things
life has to offer.
ordinary pleasures
that I don't have to spend for.

a woodpecker pecking away
in the huge catalpa tree,
music to my ears
and there's no admission fee!

sleeping late,
breakfast toast and jam,
coffee too,
talking with my mate.

yellow and purple backyard flowers,
reading in our patio by the hour.

mowing, edging the lawn,
hard work that feels good,
satisfied when the task is done.

shooting hoops with vince and jared,
my next door neighbor kids,
frisbee with kendra, play that's shared.

when life gets difficult, rough,
i try to remember -
the simple stuff is enough!

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