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Simple Things
RA ( / Frome, Somerset)

Simple Things

Poem By Rose Anderton

I like the simple things in life, the daisy on the lawn,
Apples in the orchard, a perfect summer morn,
The ripple on the water, the whisper of the wind,
The sound of children out to play, the urchin's cheeky grin.
I love to watch the bumble bee pursue its endless flight,
Hedgehogs foraging around in the bright moonlight.
I love to walk high on the cliffs with seagulls flying low
Over the water, curling, swirling on the rocks below.
The pebbles on the beaches, the thrift upon the shore,
I wish that it could last for ever, evermore,
I love to see the harvest fields, the poppies in the corn,
I thank God for the blessing I received the day that I was born,
And for these things, so pure, so good,
I say a simple Thank you, Lord.

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