Simple Traveler

Simple traveler

You will have to snatch
If can't reach
To the destination point
Like sage or saint

This shall not take place always
Even if you don't find ways
For decent living
And for time spending

Whether rich remains richer
Poor go still lower
The ideology must be borne in mind
People must be educated something of that kind

You may see many things on road
The lorry man carrying load
On the head and unable to walk properly
This is happening daily

Yet no one dies
But tries
To live respect
In their own try and acts

We are provider of lip services
And hardly render any promises
The responsibility is of such big nature
Nothing can be assured

The poverty can be reduced
The standard of living can be raised
The education can be imparted
The poor can be well stated

But for that matter
We remain sufferer
Stay as stranger
And simple journey maker

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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