Simple Ways Can'T Replace

Simple ways can't replace the pain that is inside,
only by grace can we reside inside this human race,
some say it's easy to run away and replace
the faces that haunts us most - with those
which will haunt us worse, but the image
which stares right back at us is the one
we can't substitute, this problem can't be solved
by changing our world but by a change inside of us
this does not mean we simply give in but that
we just give up, this may sound strange to ears
of the world, but we must rearrange the way
we perceive and listen real close, to what is
accepted and what is rejected our ego is first to go,
followed by a lust that must to the dust be blown
away from us, this is the key to security found in
our humility and willingness to open up by shutting up
the voices that rage inside, screaming insanities
and verbal profanities against the God we trust.

by Mark Sebert

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