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Simple Words That Define Reality
AG Amber Grandalski (3-7-89 / Erie, PA)

Simple Words That Define Reality

Extremely difficult
for others to understand.
This problem you refer to,
don't let that effect you.

Treatment required,
a major obvious answer.
Invading offensive matter,
taken out, chopped down.
A process called 'selective, '
won't accept immaturity
Better buck the stereotype,
truely be yourselves.

Organic material,
breathing moisture
in and out.
hanging out,
party life; back seat rider,
no solutions,
dangerous mistruths,
result in easy to use drugs,
fallen flat.

Controversial topics
perfect for learning.
without consulting.
Theory of relativity
to keep my cool.

Cardboard box.
Putting away pictures,
needless to say
vaguely familiar.
Absorbed love;
rusty skills.
thanks for sharing
conversation starters.
stand strong.

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