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Simple, You Don'T Know Me

You fell for a voice behind those poetic words
Well, carefully read this again
Stop fantasizing
Start looking
Look deep into my soul
Ignore the pretty face that comes and goes
I want you to see beyond my literature
Wear your specs and examine this serious message
I am not here to serenade or confuse you
Take the time to read between the lines
And stop staring at me with those googly eyes
Checking my behind and thick thighs
You tip-toed your way to me with your sweet lyrics
Making empty promises of love
Prophesizing as the creator behind the Song of Salomon
The great Zeus with Casanova as your mentor
And you took no notice of ME
The self-sufficient woman that I am
On a human scale I am an architectural gem
The queen with the Caribbean signature
My light glimmers over many tropics
To put it mildly you are simply a hawker, a clown
A troll of a man magnifying stupidity
Lacking class giving true definition to the word “jerk”
Whistling at any female who write poetic verses
Flirt with artificial conversations and collect as many women as you can
And crowning them on your bed of debauchery
I now know you are not at all the poet you claim to be
All you seek is outer beauty without spacing your words evenly
That is why I toss you this note of sarcasm with ease
For you to digest briefly this history of me
This beautiful Renaissance landscape
You will never have the pleasure to admire and appreciate
So keep on hiding behind your veil of poetic lies
As I walk away without a kiss goodbye

(c) 1/2006FaceButter

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Comments (4)

One in the eye of those poetic wolves huh FB? Nicely put. 10 from Tai, watching out for them too. Smiling at ya.
Intresting poem face butter what inspired you Peter
hey that was a great poem very interesting and unqiue it reminded me of my current ex very good very good indeed.....
I like your metaphor here, Butter, poetry as a substitute for an actual face and body. Clever, fresh stuff.