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The simplicity us
the best thing
in the world
The simplicity is
the best thing
for a better
life because it's
an easy thing
For me it's
difficult to have
a simple life
and mind
For many people
the simplicity is
an obvious thing
so they don't
consider it
Simplicity completely regenerates
the mind
For me the
simplicity improves mood
I want die
in the totally
Simplicity is elegance
and charm
It is always
the better way
It is a
pure attraction and
the right way
to live
I can easily
control it
It should be
more valued and
We must respect
and want it
Simplicity is the
best enjoyment that
It is a
weapon enough powerful
It should be
the basis of
life but few
fully understand it
For someone it
is an eternal
In this moment
for me it
is a dead

by Laura arwen

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Laura, such a good poem...10+++