CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

Simply Beautiful (C) 4-25-2010

You gotta know you’re beautiful
If you wanna get through the goal
No confidence is pharmaceutical
You gotta wonder now what do you know
Understand life’s meanin, there’s a view to show
Like Joe you’re viewtiful, you help me get through to those
That can see the love between us
Girl there’s no reason to hide
I love you more than life itself
And after my soul has died
You get the meanin of inner appeal
It’s only your lovin that can heal
The person that I am inside
And show the world what’s really real
To deal the truth and then fulfill
The life we’ll cherish
You’re like the flavor inside the peel
A beauty envied by Aphrodite
And all of the other haters
If it’s a crime than try to smite me
We’ll be together as long as forever’s later

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