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You were before my eyes, I did not see you;
When we met, I welcomed you, we never met;
When we first met, you were temptation
Now, you are lust.
Months pass as if you’re there for years.
I hear you with my eyes, I see you with my ears.
Over and over, you rain drought to a land that was once fertile.
I walked around chained behind steel bars,
Anticipating my indispensable emancipation.
Your honey tastes like pungent water; your milk is slow poison,
Sweet to the taste bud, toxins to the stomach.
Here I am, dead, I speak as a deceased man;
My soul ruin to scarlet;
My misdemeanors have reached heaven.
Listen, hear the screams of silent nights;
All fallen prey to you die but cry loudest;
Watch how wisdom is hurled from the simple
And how you've caused the downfall of nobles,
You unsolicited impostor, you deceiving serpent;
How I wish you were an alien.

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a great poem of pain always the pain never lets up even after a thousand thousand words a fine poem
A strong sense of being mentally trapped in a cruel relationship. Leaves one drained and sensing the pain