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RT Raj Thampi (06.09.1973 / India)


Ah, who claims to be purest?
A sinner somewhere you are always
Causing a tear of pain
While taking birth, to your mother
Your sins begin to carry on
Years to follow, till the last breathe

Sins begin
By lying to father about the cracked window glass
By lying to mother for the late reaching home and bruise
By lying to teacher for incomplete homework

By lying to girl friend
By sleeping with her best friend
By stealing a bottle of beer
By skipping the Sunday school
By reading anonymous, but not bible

By marrying a woman, whom you never love
By giving birth to children, like by products of your lust
By abusing their mother, physically
By failing to be a good husband and father
By failing to be faithful
By failing to be truthful
By acting arrogant while caught red hand

By asking GOD to forgive your sins
Doubting whether HE do exist
By staring at fine thighs
Doubting how fair the hidden, in a church chapel
By smoking and drinking in front of grandchildren
By telling exaggerated young year adventures
By asking them to abide rules you never cared

Hey you Sinner
You sin from your birth till tomb

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Great work and very true lines. heartful appreciation.