ZN (September 5th,1988 / Artesia, California)

Sin Siren

{Sing Siren, sing sweetly.}
{Sin Siren, sin sweetly.}

I sing songs of sin,
sweetly, and softly,
with silent eyes.
For every sailor swept ashore,
I scream to the sand.
They weep at my beauty,
I cry for their enamored eyes -
torn asunder on a sunset beach
such sad stories
sweep me off my feet;
I sit and watch,
as their infatuation with a fleeting tale,
their seduction of the senses,
chills them into sweet delusion.
Poor princes, hungry for their own bewitching.
{I kiss them, and they think they're dying for love.}

by Zoe Nyght

Comments (1)

Another very good poem. I like its musical quality echoing the subject matter