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Since I Left Claraghatlea

The roadways of life i have journeyed up and down
Since i left Claraghatlea west of Millstreet Town
In retrospect the Seasons of life seem to fly
And i have made some new friends and bid old friends goodbye

I used to daydream that i might be a poet
By literary critics seen as one worthy of note
But daydreams are daydreams and seldom come true
And we receive from life what is only our due

Though that is going back near four decades in time
The far away fields first inspired me to rhyme
The beauty of Nature i have always admired
And of singing her praises i have never grown tired

I have loved Mother Nature since i was a boy
And penning rhymes to her i still do enjoy
And Nature's beauty everywhere around me
Here in the home of the gum and wattle tree

From the northern hills i have journeyed far south
And in Nature no shortage of things for me to rhyme about
The birds sing and whistle in the park by the bay
So good to be living on such a nice day.

by Francis Duggan

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