LG (08/03/1988 / )

Since I Left Milne Road Children's Home

I feel something in me,
This feeling I can't take,
Can't take it anymore,
You wouldn't't understand,
How I feel within my heart,
Ever since I left Milne,
I feel really sad and down,
It even hurts to think about all the staff at Milne,
Wishing you were all still around,
My heart is telling me to call,
My mind is telling me to leave you all alone,
Not knowing who to listen to,
As I am sitting here by the telephone,
I could just sit in my room,
Listen to my music,
Laying on my bed,
Thinking about you all,
Only you all,
About everything we did in my head,
Sometimes I would think to myself,
If I had one single wish.
It would be to hold you all one more time,
I been gone a year now,
I feel like this like now,
My heart can't seem to get through it,
I guess what my heart is trying to say is that I am missing you all forever

by leanne gill

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