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Since I Myself Cannot Lay Claim To Know Me

Since i myself cannot lay claim to know me
I am not the person you think me to be
Many of the thoughts we create are hidden in the mind
Few wish to be seen in their words as unkind

That my human flaws are many i vow to be true
And i too can be judgemental maybe even more so than you
But i believe that a fair go to all to all ought to apply
And our respect and their rights to anyone we ought not to deny

I project my feelings on to others or so i have been told
And in the eyes of some i seem withdrawn and cold
But i am not one lacking in empathy
And for the suffering of others i feel sympathy

Yes to me there too is a softer side
That i hide from others due to manly pride
My feelings in public too scared for to show
I hold back the tears that do yearn to flow

At funerals of family and friends where others weep loud
I choke back the tears though of that i'm not proud
The male ego in us is a controlling thing
To many of us what seems to be manly at all costs we do cling

That we are strangers to ourselves most would not agree
Me you may claim to know but i do not know me
In most of our thoughts needs of self are always to the fore
We live for self and kindred blood and little else more.

by Francis Duggan

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