RD (October 4,1954 / Seattle, Washington)

Since March 2013

Since March 2013,
I have been submitting
poetry on this web site.
Often I failed to get it right.
By attempting to submit duplicate
poetry quite accidently.

Hopefully, I have learned my lesson?
It remains an open ended question.
Now I surf throughout my 157
poems for duplicate titiles.

Hopefully, I will graduate to
spot checking duplicate themes.
It still remains to be seen.
I do not have to yell, nor
shout- the verdict is still out!

I need to fully surrender my life,
to my beloved Lord and Savior,
Jesus Christ. I have failed
completly to faithfully follow him.

Jesus Christ is coming back sooner
than we think. It has been true
since March 2013, and it is still true
today. April 6,2016, his comming
back is that much closer!

I was trying to find a poetry site,
where I could submit my poetry,
and thereby become important to me.
It is something I have managed to
do sucessfully.

But naturally I can not take the credit.
The majority of the credit does not
even belong to one of my oldest
and favorite websites.
It belongs to my beloved Lord, and
Savior Jesus Christ.

by Roxanne Dubarry

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