Since The Days Of Ella Wheeler Wilcox

When Ella Wheeler Wilcox wrote her poems and lyrics the World was a better place
And Mother Earth in those times had far less scars on her face
From the bombs men now are dropping from their fast jets in the sky
And for every explosive shell things of beauty have to die.

Since Ella Wheeler Wilcox wrote her last poem more than eighty years gone by
Still I know her through her verses and her verses bring me joy
She was full of love and kindness and she loved humanity
But the World has changed since her time in less than a century.

Since the days of Ella Wheeler Wilcox man upon the moon has trod
But 'twould seem as time ticks onwards we seem further off from God
And our values keep on changing suppose nothing stays the same
But for man's lack of wisdom the Earth suffer and that seems an awful shame.

Since the days of Ella Wheeler Wilcox many poets have come and gone
But her verses are still relevant and her fame is living on
And though the face of verse keeps changing with the passages of time
The great poet's soul is alive still in the beauty of her rhyme.

by Francis Duggan

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