Since The Land I Was Born In

Since the Land I was born in from here is far away
I may never again see the wildflowers of May
That bloom in the old fields in the prime of the Spring
When the nesting wildbirds do whistle and sing.

But in visualizations I often have seen
By the shady hedge on ditch of the bohreen
The snowdrops, bluebells and the primroses in their petals of light gold
The wildflowers of Spring are lovely to behold.

The clock on our lives it is ticking on fast
And the past in reality forever is past
To the father of time we eventually must bow
And we only can live in the here and the now.

No matter what Worldly gain we have to show
To and from life like Nature's Seasons we come and we go
The baby twenty one years ago is now in life's prime
And they never stop turning the old hands of time.

by Francis Duggan

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