Since We Said Goodbye

It must be a good reason for goodbye,
and your voice resounds still in my head.
Does it worth those tears that i cry,
and all those sleepless nights in my bed?
I've made a vow to be devoted to you,
and all in my life depended on your love.
Why were you so untrue,
is living for just one that tough? ?
You never told me why we are apart,
and like you were so scared to face me.
Simply you walked all over my heart,
just look how sad i came to be...
Is it some other girl,
who broke your heart that it couldn't love again?
Is it so ugly, my world,
that you vanished and only your memory will remain?
Is it so much time,
we spend in circles, unaware of our destiny?
Were you ever mine,
when you were the one who wished to be with me?
I deserve to know why,
my dreams are worthless and the time i give.
I need to know why,
my tears aren't dry and my love wasn't meant to live.
I made my self not to smile,
unless i'm feeling safe when you are near.
I haven't felt that safe for a while,
since we said goodbye i'm living in fear.
You know how to reach me,
please, let me know the reason for this pain.
Or let those thoughts let go of me,
for i'm hurt over some thing i don't know,
i'm going insane...

by Eman Awad

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