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Since You Gone....

i need you.. i cant seem to write..
i cant seem to do anything right..
all i want is you..
i know we're gone.
i know.. that we'll never be again..
but i miss you.

my heart aches when i think of you..
i put on this fake smile to distract others
from seeing the real me.

each day.. my heart is giving up a little more..
each day.. im losing faith, hope everything..
and as days go by.. im losing my myself.
and changing what i am..
losing what i use to be,
and becoming what you made me..

i hate feeling like this..
my heart is gone.
blood is almost out..
tears are dried..
life is dark, and useless.

by Dislocated Heart

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Lovely poem. Can actually feel the depth of pain in it.