Since You Have Never Harmed Anyone

Since you have never harmed anyone in any way
Why worry what others of you do say
Since a few negative people live in every village, city and town
And do derive pleasure on verbally putting good living people down
Since of you they do not broadcast a harmful lie
What they say of you should not haunt you till the day you do die
If you react to their negative comments of you satisfaction they will only gain
Why some people find pleasure on verbally putting down others beyond one like me to explain
Playing their mind games with them you for one does not need
Leave it to them for to plant their own bad karma seed
Tomorrow it will not be of you that they will have unkind things to say
They will find someone else for to pick on since people like them are this way
You never harm anyone so any heed why do you pay
To the few small minded people who unkind things of you say.

by Francis Duggan

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