Since You Never Harm Anybody

Since you never harm anybody why worry of the negative things that some of you do say
Those who in their words enjoy putting down others are badly flawed in their own way
But as long as in their words they do not defame you by broadcasting malicious lies
Then their remarks you may as well ignore for to bring yourself down to their level for you may not be wise
You may be a kind and generous person but as the wise mother said to her son
On your life's journey you may win many friendships but you will not win everyone
There will always be a few who will not like you since there are people in every town
Who in their words derive great pleasure on trying for to drag others down
Of the negative comments of those who do not like you any heed you ought not to pay
By engaging in a war of words with them their negative game with them you only do play
Playing the game of negative words with their sort is like adding fuel to a fire
By ignoring them for you far better since of criticizing you they will then quickly tire
And since you are a compassionate person and never harm anyone in any way
Then why should you bother to worry of what badly flawed people of you do say.

by Francis Duggan

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