Since You Never Harm Anyone In Any Way

Since you never harm anyone in any way
Why worry what some who know of you of you have to say
Unpaid judges like they are to be found everywhere
There are millions of their sort in the big World out there

They do criticize you for your lack of financial success
That your finances are in a terrible mess
But for the food that you eat they do not pay
And unkind things of others they also do say

Some do believe they are born free of taint
Their sort even find flaws in a living saint
Of their sort's approval of you should not feel in need
And of their judgmental opinions of you why pay any heed

In their narrow views to the financially successful only credit they give
Their sort never believe on live and let live
You never harm anyone in word or in deed
And for your future good karma you plant the good seed.

by Francis Duggan

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