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Sing A Song

Baby! My Baby
Sing with me a song
At the sound of your voice
To mutual words of our choice
I will like a shot rejoice

Baby! My Baby
Sing with me a song
Together we can compose
With a lyrical structure
Watch our song transpose

We can sing a song of hope
Beyound any scope
You can change the tempo
I can go fast or you can go slow

We can sing a song of determination
Inspired by collective imagination
Baby, I am not here to compete
Or this song itself will not complete
Let’s put behind unwanted sorrows
Sing our hearts out until tomorrow

We can sing a song of harmonious hearts
Which no one should set apart!
We can sing of passion and romance
Release our tensions with a dance

Baby! Sing with me a song
I can feel it right inside my skin
For the words are rooted deep within
Lingering for your vocal touch
Yearning for your words so much

We can sing a song of faith
And how it is worth the wait
Together we can consume in delight
In the darkness or in the light
All that is wrong or right

Copyright 2006 - Sylvia Chidi

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