Sing Me A Song

Sing me a song,
A song you and I know,
A song that will put me to sleep,
This song that I always listen to makes me cry,
Missing you with every inch on my heart,
Knowing that you will not return,
Sing me a song,
A song that will help me forget about you,
A song that will heal my heart,
A song of forgiveness,
Just sing a song,
A song that can not be forgotten,
A song so memorable,
Only a memory,
Sing me song,
A song that we will love,
A song we can not live with out,
Just sing me a song,
A song that only you and I know.

by Jennifer Rondeau

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Comments (3)

Very nice! A poem I wont forget!
such a nice poem. its so sweet. ~the n only~ paligirl s p.s. read my poems n comment
i thot that it was really good the best poem i have read.