Sing, Sing, Sing

I cannot keep from singing,
songs surge in my esophagus,
burst forth
like bananas of music,
cascades of verses:

Gonna lay down my burdens
down by the riverside,
down by the riverside,
down by the riverside,
gonna lay down my burdens
down by the riverside -
ain't gonna study war no more....

We can't know how roses resonate,
how lyrics and melodies are wedded,
what inspires the choir within us
(light within landfalls) ,
what elicits self-won symphonies.

We can't know
what's gonna flow
forth next,
what tunes, what texts,
will shine forth in solitude.

We could make believe
I love you,
make believe that you love me,
we could find peace of mind
in pretending.
Couldn't you? Couldn't I?
Couldn't we?

hymns, lullabies, anthems,
ballads, Beatles, show tunes,
Perry Como Bing Crosby
'The Tennessee Waltz'
ditties, arias, folk songs, love songs

Puff the magic dragon
lives by he sea
and frolics in the evening mist
in a land called Honah Lee

Watch out for the wagoneers,
volume is an escapade
singing in the shower
like a brand new RCA
(His Master's Voice)

How much is that doggy in the window,
the one with the waggledy tail?
How much is that doggy in the window?
I do hope that doggy's for sale.

Whatever there is down there
however it springs forth up here
its magical it's mystical it's musical
or not
but it's showers of serendipity

La donna è mobile
Qual piuma al vento,
Muta d'accento — e di pensiero.
Sempre un amabile,
Leggiadro viso,
In pianto o in riso, — è menzognero....

I am lifted up
I am reified
something inside me
tells me I'm deified
that I should be canonized.

I soar,
Je t'adore,
on the wing
to the ceiling


by Frank Avon

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