SF (April 22 / Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin)

Singin' Cowboy

With his guitar over his shoulder
He travels from town to town.
Playing for his dinner
People come from all around.

Everyone knows his music as
They clap and sing along.
He stands outside a Honky-Tonk
Playing a sad country song.

He’s known as the Singin’ Cowboy,
There’s not a tune he can’t play,
People gather all around to hear
what his lyrics have to say
Playin’ songs about his travels,
his loves, sorrows, his joys
Everyone love his music and
call him the Singin’ Cowboy.

One day a man from Nashville
Hears his songs and offers him fame.
Says we want to record your songs
make you a household name.

He always loved his life on the road
Traveling from town to town.
But now you hear his songs everywhere
best country singer around.

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My sort of man! You've described him so well. I can hear his music.... Love, Fran xx