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Single Mother...
LG (6/12 / Southern Califonia)

Single Mother...

Single mother, I applaud thee,
For you are rare jewels, a precious commodity.
Taking on more than you can possibly bear,
Expanding your mind farther than you can comprehend.

You are not alone in this world,
To raise your children to be the finest, that they can be.
You walk blindly through life, wearing your heart on your sleeve,
At this moment, you are being commended, for being thee'.
You exude strength unbeknownst to me,
Guided by faith, so your heart is content
I know you often cry at night, thinking of how your life should be spent.

Quickly, snapping back, into reality.
For raising these children alone, is your God given destiny,
Single Mother, I applaud thee...You exude determined focused energy.
For your life depends on that strength as you walk this journey
Through life's discontent.

Although, you do not walk alone,
You are being guided, by forces known.
You often work so hard and long, doggishly tired and diligent
Accelerating the growth of that strong backbone,
That your child so relies upon.

Your selfless hardwork and efforts will pay off
As you wipe that sweat from underneath your bra.
For you are the bosoms of society - fullfilling life.
Birthing our worlds greatest commodities...bear the children,
Which are heaven sent, the fruits of your labor...God's seed.

He's smiling down proudly upon you, for all to see.
You will be rewarded for a job well...when your well deserved rest
Takes over thee'...for your son's and daughters will be,
Pillars of the community...for God will not have it any other way.

Single Mother...I applaud Thee...for you have,
Faithfully braved Courage, each and every day.

For only God knows your treasures that lie ahead
For raising your sons' and daughters', making sure their well feed,
Nourished, body, and soul.

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Comments (2)

''Guided by faith, so your heart is content I know you often cry at night, thinking of how your life should be sent'' nice poem dedicated to a mother, nice rhymes, nice new style in poetry, thank you for sharing.... 10/10/10/10 Mari
Hey Lana this is such a touching piece, sensitive, socially relevant and tributary in nature. I am sure all single mothers would be proud of you. I found it highly descriptive, thought provoking and heart warming....just check out the spelling of strength in the last line of 3 rd stanza....