Single Tears

every single tears drop that as fall from
your cheek's
that the moment is my mine win you fell every
every weak moment in your life
that as shine on the light
to get all the place your life
from the shadow beyond the darkness
every storm ass pass to became calm
like shatter glass that you have
back to together you have shine the light
every weak of your life to count your
laugh and sometimes cry to listen to
your heart so deep give me your hand and walk
with me that you have blessing me from this
moment I look into my eye's to the window
to your soul to fell the pain that as cause
every waking
from the sunset on you thinking
were do you want go in in life
win you look at the sky at night
star's are like very tiny diamond
that shine and shooting cross the sky
with the star's

by sabrina spriggs

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