You want to say you aren't a sinner.
But you're the biggest sinner of us all.
"I've never sinned."
Don't do that, Don't act all high and mighty.
You are NOT God.
And you're the biggest sinner of us all.

"You're over reacting."
"She's just a friend."
"You're so dumb."
"God lay off, Leave me alone."
"I need you."
"I won't ever leave you."
"I will always be here."
"I love you."

Those words you said poisoned us.
Each one after the other made me feel as if I did something.
that is was MY fault.
But you're the one to blame.
"I've never sinned."
okay cheating on me, hurting me?

Of course it wasn't sinning.
because you've never sinned right?
You could never hurt a girl
That's shamed on.
And you know that.
You want to preach against something that's horrible.
but you did it to someone.

You did it to me.
And you want to pretend
that it never happened.
That we never happened.
That I don't exist.

That's fine.
Go live your life but don't
pretend you aren't a sinner.
You're just like the rest of us.

by Jinna Windsor

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