Sinner Or Savior

Have you ever noticed how people lead themselves to there own demise,
Saying they are so despised by the way the world looks in there eyes
They have all these ideas about whats right, whats wrong
unable to notice whats really going on
Some people are all about one thing
how to get that money or obtain that green
these type of people end up missing out on the real meaning of life
which is that its better to give then to receive
because you cant take money with you when its time to leave.
Others place themselves above the rest
just because there in a predicament doesn't mean they cant be blessed.
Greed can be the fuel for a driving force
stepping on innocent people with no ounce of remorse.
Most of the time its just human nature
keep a close eye on enemy and haters
take whats not yours and keep what should be given
but karmas a bitch, so watch how your living

by Shay Buttaz FREEMAN

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