(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Sir Smithereens Wears Jockey Classic Y's

A fan I was of checkered boxer shorts,
have been since June the year of sixty three,
inside the changing room (I did do sports)
they split and set the whole caboodle thingy free.

So, shopping with the spouse one day I saw a blue,
the most azure of colours, hanging proud and high.
She was immersed in trying on a pointy shoe,
and I was thinking of my residential little fly.

It must fulfill the needs of Henry, down below
be soft and cuddly, also loose and strong,
should not be flaunting things, like bulges, well you know
I picked the Jockey brand, who could be (really?) wrong?

The classic Y it's called, the whites are not for me.
Elastic bands make sure that parts will stay concealed.
And if the little guy wants fresher air or simply needs to pee,
it is a trifle how one hand can move the kosher shield.

If you, (please be a female) , want to have a closer look,
come by and slide your hand inside my Levis jeans.
In certain matters I am not the one who wrote the book,
to educate has always been a mission of Sir Smithereens.

by Herbert Nehrlich

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