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Siren's Dance
(July 12,1962 / Moscow, Russia)

Siren's Dance

Poem By Alexander Shaumyan

She's a psychopath, now married to a geek,
Who brings the bacon home every week
From working as a local data dork,
While she just loves not doing any work.

I wonder why I loved this girl at all,
She is always thinking big but acting small -
She's better off being married to a geek.

It isn't love or honesty she seeks -
She only takes the most that she can get -
The little dork is just her little pet.

For if her equal were to challenge her,
She'll see her real self and want no more
Of all her games, control and jealousy.

But she'd rather be a little girl,
Living inside her childish little world
With a much younger prepubescent geek,
Who brings the bacon home every week.

Well, I've been trying hard to understand
Why it was so hard to take a stand
And walk out earlier, when I had the chance.

But I have learned to say: 'Enough! No more! ' -
She's stretched enough my sanity and mores,
Finding a new boy or a girl next door
To share her bed and fantasies each week.

And so I go now, feeling stronger,
Finding her beautiful or charming no longer.

November 27,2005

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