Sissy's Birthday

Circles, squares and rectangles to present much ado
A collage of stamps; pertinent; just for you.
Generation of the fifties and swift on your feet
Presley, Holly and Hank Williams, provided the beat.

It is true a picture is worth a thousand words
Even the ones of flowers and colorful birds.
Each represents a specific American scene
Single images while others; a complete dream.

People places and other things
Some produce fragrance while others sing.
America's portarait as a Mosaic on display
Moments of time since your first birthday.

Special days and patriotic men
Time of youth and a time of when.
One of America's minority with with the good looking face
A presidential promise for a journey; into outer space.

Holidays, movies and children's lore
Now at the age when she no longer keeps score.
Waiting for tomorrow as she wants some more
Sissy is the girl; who came through the open door.

Happy Birthday Sis,

04-05-06 Aho Speaks

by AHO Speaks

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