DD ( / Brisbane Australia)


I thought it was fine when it was just me
Until i found out I was a brother to be
An older sister I had I wanted no more
My heart was not ready I had locked its door
For nine long months I was nothing but trouble
Trying my best to burst the bubble
Of love my parents had for this new child
The thought of a favourite made me go wild
Until the day I recieved the news
Big Brother, I was, it lifted my blues
It made me realise this was not bad
Very sorry I was for Mum and Dad
For putting up with a brat for so long
How could my feelings be so wrong?
When she was in my arms the emotion I felt
I realised a lucky card had been dealt
Althought the distance at times seems wide
Whenever I see her she fills me with pride
For she is my sister through and through
What would life be if I didn't have you?

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nice work, you look at my poems and there crap trust me they are just im a young sister of my older brother that is what happends with me (ha-ha)