Poem By Raven Ozera

Raven, Alyce, Jinx and Fayde
down upon one bed they laid
twisted, tangled in each other
Wishing, hoping, wanting Mother
Over in their heads they lean
crazy like you’ve never seen

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To conceive a single promise
and 50,000 lies
when windows
are like mirrors


promise me something, that tonight when we say goodbye,
no matter what, promise me you wont cry
i said i'll come back, its true, i swear,
but for now i must go, i'm happier there


I am not the one they seek
it takes much more to make us weak
I’ll fall and break but never cry
its only us, you all and I


A pattern hath thou fallen too
endless mourning of that untrue
wait for death to prey on thee
will thy eyes never see?

Laughing Jack

Isaac left, then he came back
but he forgot our Laughing Jack
Isaac killed a pretty girl
left Jack smiling in a whirl