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Sister Friend, Why

Sister, Friend, Why!
Sister, friend, you are so beautiful.
Why do you let him put you down?
Yelling, screaming, hitting, insults, cries of pain.
Sister, friend, you are a child of God.
When are you going to let go and give it to God?
Start walking, run, don't turn back.
Jesus is holding His hand out, smile and say, I am free.
Go, sister, friend, positive energy, laughing, smiling,
Beautiful face, tall and erect stature.
Welcome back, there goes my friend.
Welcome back....

Adrienne Clark Strachn
For my special girlfriend

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Very nice. Anyone who is in an abusive relationship should go ahead and make the move. Get out while you are still alive. You deserve more than that. You are a child of God, as Adrienne said. Well done, Adrienne, and congratulations on having it selected as Poem of the Day!
All we can make it in life if only we were bold enough to believe that we can, nice poem.
only a few people think the way You do...