Sister On The Train

She fell and the others laughed
At the sister’s misfortune, laughed
Whilst the parents sat by and watched
And so it was - virtues defeated.
She was the awkward and chubby one
Her greater weight on the train’s pole
Too much for her own strength to bear
So she slipped, and tumbling, she fell.
Her insecurities the parents couldn’t tell
She was the one with the picky hair
She was the one with the earthy look
So whilst her sisters sang and cheered
She sat, and did what she could – looked.
Whilst they faced each-other in clap
She sat kicking at the open air
Who maimed, did not kick back
But she sat kicking in anticipation
Until, the train stopped, and she left,
And her parents followed.

Copyright © 2009 Leslie Alexis

by Leslie Alexis

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