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'Sister's' For Life
AO (4-22-87 / Torrington, CT)

'Sister's' For Life

No pain is harder
Then you not being here
If I had it my way
I would of went with you
Because nothing makes me happier then you
Even when we argued it was never serious
I could never ever hurt you
I dare someone to hurt you
I would go to jail for you
I would do anything for you
I went from seeing you everyday
To conversating over the phone or computer with you
It's not the same with you not here
But as long as your safe and happy
Then I'll be just fine
My friendship with you
Wait screw it I look at you like a sister
Your family to me
Your family even treats me like family
I hope you understand
That I will always be here for you
No matter what happens
Know one could ever replace you
I would never let anyone replace you
My friendship with you is thicker then blood

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I though it was very though-ful...How much love you have for your sister and you share for her and you want to show her..and that she is your sister for 'Life' By All Means It dose not matter how many spelling erros you have. It matters what is inside the 'poem' that Counts. -Kristina-